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max one car caer

MAX ONE specializes in car care We provide the following services: Car wash in innovative

Pretzel House

For a unique experience, we advise you to visit Pretzel House Cafe as soon as

Dallas restaurant

At Dallas Restaurant, we focus on the quality of food. We offer a wide variety

Village restaurant

we are providing hot and fresh delicious food without any artificial ingredients Breakfast Home Delivery

Flame cafe

At Flame Cafe, we offer food and drinks. We have a variety of hot drinks

Harakat Car Care

hidden installation Thermal insulator executioner installation headlight protection Dye protection 0566110242


Falaktayib discount card is available to all nationalities without exception, with the aim of obtaining benefit for both parties (the seller and the buyer) on all products and services throughout the year.

Providing support to all residents of the United Arab Emirates

One year renewable


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All Deals in One Card

Falak-Tayib Card

AED 365 / Annual
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