About us

Falaktayib discount card is available to all nationalities without exception, with the aim of obtaining benefit for both parties (the seller and the buyer) on all products and services throughout the year.

What is the purpose of Falak Tayib membership?

Providing support, special benefits, exclusive offers and discounts that meet the needs of all the residents and raise the level of sales for companies in the UAE.

Subscription fees?

Free for the first year

Registration and account opening fees?

365 dirhams one time payment only.

How to subscribe to Falak tayib?

Call at 024414009 or Through our marketing team 

Conditions for subscribing for Companies?

  1. To have a commercial license within the country
  2. To provide a discount for customers (Falak Tayib Card – starting from 15%)

How long is the membership period?

One year renewable

how to get updates for the new business offers?

By visiting the website www.falaktayib.com