Terms and Conditions

Liberty International Media is a company specialized in  marketing and sales and represents the first party to the contract according to the desire of the two parties to find a cooperative relationship between them to serve their common interests and in order to determine the rights and obligations of each party towards the other party, and so that Falak Tayyip card holders can obtain a discount When submitted to commercial establishments, they have a commercial registry and the services contracted with them, and in order to support the work and achieve the highest levels of credibility, the website falaktayib.com was created to implement the establishments so that the name of each establishment contracting with the first party with clarification of addresses and phone numbers to be included under these classifications. The card holder can be inferred from them wherever they are in the United Arab Emirates, and the first party has provided media outlets that will enable Falak Tayyip card holders to communicate with the second parties for the purpose of announcing the best commercial opportunities, through text messages,  e-mails and social media.

According to the second parties in this contract, and he desires to contract with the first party to participate with the system of the special financial deductions for cardholders, who are fully qualified, legally, statutory and without any compulsion on either of them to release the contract between them according to the following terms and conditions.

First Clause

The introduction and the contract appendices are an integral part of this contract, to be read, interpreted, and implemented with, and this contract is a formal agreement between the two parties.

Second Clause

The second party is obligated to give the percentage of deduction according to the contract, for Falk Tayeb cardholders. This discount applies to all goods, products and services that represents its commercial activity for all items agreed upon the contract without exceptions. During the contract period, and in the event of non-commitment to provide the agreed deduction, the first party has the right to take all necessary procedures that would protect the credibility of the card. the second party does not have the right to change the discount rate or cancel it for the duration of the contract until the approval of the first party in writing.

Third clause

The second party is obligated to make a circular to all its employees in the main branch and all other branches, if any, to make the discounts, deductions and benefits agreed, that are guaranteed to the FALK TAYIB card holders, and it must also conform to its employees to provide this services to cardholders with ease and convenience. The first party will provide the second party with The sticker bearing the logo of FALK TAYIB card acceptance, and the second party has places it in a prominent and clear place.

Fourth Clause

The two parties agree that the period of this contract is (one year). It starts from the date of signing the contract and it is automatically renewed according to the desire of the both parties.

Fifth Clause

In case the second party makes seasonal discounts or special offers, they must inform the first party shortly before that, in order to indicate on www.falaktayib.com, the deductions agreed to be implemented, provided that the time and percentage of the discount are specified in order to the second party get the benefits of the discount and by increasing the number of customers as well as the number of cardholders.

Sixth Clause

In the event of any dispute, only the Arabic text shall be considered, the two parties agree that it will be resolved amicably between them first and if they do not agree, resort to UAE courts, and the ruling issued is binding and there is no need to distinguish it.

Seventh Clause

Notices and correspondence between the parties of the contract shall be considered to  the addresses shown above.